Learn to Win

Formula 1

Prof. Pat Wheeler: A Leading Figure in MotoE

Prof. Pat Wheeler stands as a founding member of the MotoE Technical Advisory Board (TAB), bringing over two decades of expertise from the Power Electronics, Machines, and Control Group at the University of Nottingham, UK. His extensive background includes roles such as Director of the University of Nottingham Institute for Aerospace Technology and Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Prof. Wheeler’s contributions extend to EU-funded projects like Clean Sky JTI, showcasing his commitment to advancing technology across various domains.

The Educational Value of MotoE

According to Prof. Wheeler, MotoE presents an exhilarating technical challenge for educational institutions, offering a unique learning platform for students while enhancing the university’s reputation. From project budgeting and marketing to designing and constructing electric superbikes, participating in MotoE exposes students to real-world project management skills crucial for their future careers. Each team must meticulously craft a Technical Construction File, ensuring safety and risk considerations are paramount throughout the design process. Moreover, teams undergo rigorous technical scrutineering to ensure compliance with series regulations before entering the competition.

The IET Academic Prize: Recognizing Excellence

In its third year, MotoE introduces the prestigious IET Academic Prize, exclusively available to university entries. This award, sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), acknowledges innovation and excellence within the academic realm. Two teams receive accolades for “Innovation” and “Best in Class,” evaluated both on and off the track throughout the season. Criteria include drive train development, overall design, utilization of unique materials or concepts, teamwork, partnership development, and technological innovation. The MotoE competition serves as a catalyst for rapid team development, fueled by a shared passion for learning and the pursuit of victory.

Driving Learning and Excellence

Since its inception, MotoE has witnessed remarkable team growth driven by unwavering passion and dedication. Prof. Wheeler emphasizes that the opportunity to compete, win races, and improve standings serves as a powerful motivator for all involved. MotoE not only fosters technical excellence but also cultivates a culture of continuous learning and achievement, propelling participants toward success in the dynamic world of engineering and motorsport.