Electric Road Race Commission

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The IET’s Role in MotoE: Driving Innovation and Safety

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) stands as the world’s largest multidisciplinary professional engineering institution, lending its expertise to MotoE through its Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and rules-making body.

Collaborative Excellence: MotoE and the IET

MotoE is privileged to collaborate with experts from the IET membership, ensuring excellence across technical rules, inspections, and mentorship for new electric racing teams. The TAB, comprising multidisciplinary experts, serves as a cornerstone resource for the championship, acting as both safety officers and adjudicators at races.

Setting the Standard: Electric Race Rulebook

The core panel members, instrumental in crafting the electric race rulebook in 2008, continue to uphold industry standards. Their independent oversight ensures the integrity and safety of MotoE competitions, fostering an environment of innovation and competitiveness.

Supporting Electrification in Motorsports

The IET Automotive & Road Transport Technical Professional Network (TPN) enthusiastically supports the MotoE Racing series, aligning with its focus on “Electrification in Motorsports.” By engaging with MotoE, the TPN facilitates an environment for teams to showcase innovative solutions and fosters technological advancement in the field.

Meet the Experts: IET Panel Members

  • Peter Conboy, BSc ARCS MIET: With a background spanning from Formula One to World Rally, Peter brings extensive experience in electronics engineering to MotoE. His contributions to various motorsport platforms underscore his commitment to technological innovation.
  • Prof. Pat Wheeler: As a distinguished figure in power electronics and aerospace technology, Prof. Wheeler’s leadership at the University of Nottingham and his involvement with MotoE underscore his dedication to advancing clean transportation technologies.
  • Pete James: With a diverse career in automotive electronics and a passion for motorsport, Pete’s expertise enriches MotoE’s technical landscape. His involvement since the inception of electric racing demonstrates a longstanding commitment to the field.
  • Peter Smout: With over 35 years in the aerospace industry, Peter brings invaluable experience to MotoE. His work on high-power electric flight control systems underscores his expertise in advancing electrification across diverse applications.

Driving Innovation, Ensuring Safety

The collective expertise of the IET panel members ensures MotoE’s continued success in driving innovation while prioritizing safety and integrity in electric racing. Their dedication underscores MotoE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of clean technology in motorsports.