MotoE stands as a dynamic Engineering Competition, beckoning teams worldwide to engage in the design, construction, and racing of electric motorbikes. This series is not just about racing; it’s a platform for innovation and advancement in clean technology, where teams pit themselves against global competitors on iconic European race tracks.

Inclusive Participation: A Level Playing Field

Endurance Events

The MotoE community comprises manufacturers, technical institutions, and privateer constructors, all converging on the racetrack simultaneously. Here, the competition is truly open, with uniform rules ensuring fairness and encouraging the pursuit of cutting-edge clean technology.

Open Rules for Innovation

MotoE’s rules are intentionally open, prioritizing safety while allowing ample room for innovative technological development. This ethos fosters an environment of excitement and engagement, pushing the boundaries of technology across the board.

The Thrill of Two-Wheeled Racing

Racing in MotoE embodies power, control, engineering prowess, and strategic finesse. Each round presents a distinct challenge, from mixed-field races to intense sprints. The two-wheeled format not only amplifies the excitement but also minimizes resource usage for refining and testing technology innovations.

MotoE: A Gateway to Future Technology

For those seeking a transformative challenge, MotoE offers a prime opportunity to delve into the latest transportation technologies. It serves as an invaluable learning ground for both academics and industry professionals, fostering knowledge exchange and networking within this burgeoning field.

Membership in Electric Motorsport World

MotoE holds a prestigious position within the realm of electric Motorsport worldwide. Stemming from the lineage of pioneering races like TTXGP, it stands as a five-round European championship cup, vying for the esteemed Snaefell trophy, symbolic of electric racing excellence.

Why Get Involved?

MotoE presents the most cost-effective pathway to immerse oneself in the next generation of racing. It’s an arena where racers and innovators alike can explore the nuances of electric drivetrains, energy storage, and power delivery under the demanding conditions of a race circuit. With the future of technology unfolding before us, MotoE offers a front-row seat to witness and contribute to its development, making it an ideal platform for aspiring engineers, racers, and technology developers alike.