Day One.

A glorious day greeted electric race teams here in Anglesey this morning, Cold but bright with little wind, we had the most perfect race conditions.

First practice saw current leader Thijs Peeters take to the track for the first time.  “It’s a beautiful circuit and very technical so its enjoyable racing here.   The team had been testing the bike last week and damaged a key component, which was replaced this morning, so I am taking it easy for now… not risking a mechanical failure before the race this afternoon.   I came in after 4 laps as the motor sensor told me it was heating up – the team will work on figuring out why and hopefully correct the issue, for the second timed qualifying session.”

Josh Wlliams #60 for Duffy motorsport also came into the garaged after the first practice with a huge grin on his face, “its great riding the electric bike as you can just get into a zone a race. Don’t have to wrestle with the bike, its just so linear and responsive. I love it.” The most relaxed team in the paddock had a seem-less start to the weekend

The second timed session saw both teams gain seconds and come back into the pit after the session was red flagged, Twente were still experienced motor heating issues and felt like they knew what the issue was…. The afternoons race is when we will find out if they were successful in solving the issue.

The teams lined up at 3pm local time to take part in the first race of the weekend.  The conditions were still cold but bright with the wind starting to pick up.   It was a spectacular race start for Thijs Peeters who started 26th to become 13th overall, and 1st of the electric bikes in the MotoE.   Duffy Motorsport also had a great race, picking up points for second position.

Fastest laptime:   84 Thijs Peeters  Twente  1:45.142

You can follow the current championship leader on his race  by CLICKING HERE:-


Congratulations to Nova 2017 team


Whilst MotoE enjoyed the hospitality offered by our amazing hosts at the OW Cup during the TT circuit Assen round, we ran into old favourites and 2017 Championship winners Nova Electric.  Whilst this years team are still plagued by electrical problems that seem all to common an occurrence in the sport, last years team popped by to say hello and pick up their prestigious IET technical excellence Award.  Judged by the MotoE technical panel, the award given by the IET to the team it feels best reflects the ethos of the championship – driving innovation, providing learning and building team spirit.

 From Left to right, Floris Straver (Team Lead),Arjen Kremers! (Chief Electronics) and Casper Voogt (Pilot)

“We are so pleased that the hard work of Nova Electric Racing Team 08 (2017) resulted in the championship win, and now also is being awarded by the IET through the price for Technical Excellence. We’ve learnt so much throughout the season, every race weekend was unique and helped us gather valuable data. It was great for us as students to be part of such a new and exciting project, where we could put our engineering knowledge to practice and make great improvements in performance. We hope future teams can further build upon this and will book great results!”  Floris Straver

TT Circuit Assen, Superbike Twente’s weekend to celebrate…

Donington Park proved to be a mix of high and lows from this new team from Holland and the weekend Racing within the  Ow Cup in TT Circut Assen was no exception… The bike  didn’t qualify in the morning session whilst the UoN machine put in a seamless performance  but the afternoon session saw fortunes reverse and Twente fared a lot better than the intrepid team from Nottingham England .

In the words of Thijs Peeters #84:-

“Between out first race in Donington and now in Assen the team worked very hard to improve the bike.  But were the problems in Donington where a quite quick fix. But here in Assen is was the complete opposite.

After the problems in qualifying one the team found an way to fix these before qualifying two.
Qualifying went actually ok. It took me some time to get used to the bike again,  and just at the moment I was used to it I felt that the power if the bike dropped a bit. so it became harder to set an faster lap time. But at the end if qualifying we had set a decent lap time. Not the time we would wanted to have but after missing out on qualifying one it was ok…Till late this evening the team worked very hard the fix all the little problems and get more top speed.

Unfortunately for race 1, despite having a great start, after half a lap the first days problems occurred again and went into the pits. So also a DNF for us.
And again the team worked hard to fix the problems.
For race 2 I had to start next to the petrol bikes. I had again a great start but again I felt some problems. I wanted to finish the race for the team. So I rode the race completely on safe and bring the bike in one piece to the finish.
After 8 laps I got the checkered flag and brought the bike back to the team.
Not the weekend we wanted, but this is also racing!

Big probs to team who spend to whole day searching for the cause of the problems.  But for now the most important is that all of the problems get fixed before the next race in Anglesey and I believe the team is working very hard to achieve it.”


For those of you who have been following us for a while you will know The Institution of Engineering and Technology, (The IET) Automotive and Road Transport Systems Network support MotoE’s rule making board and provide a solid backbone of expertise to the series. Its from them we draw our scrutineers, mentors and rule makers.

Here is a blog they wrote from the last round at Donington Park to warm you up in preparation for this weekend racing at TT circuit Assen!…/55/223/6076


Calendar change

Date and venue change  for the final of this years MotoE season

The new closing round will now be on Saturday 29th till Sunday 30th September at Anglesey  Circuit in Wales.  We will be joining the Wirral 100 for their season finale the Anglesey Grand 

We can’t wait to see you there!



Introducing Thijs Peeters, #84 Electric Superbike Twente

My first electric race weekend is actually one to remember.

For the race I had a good start, better than everyone in front of me and I made my way up through the pack and went into the first corner in third.
The changes that we made to the suspension felt immediately better than in the qualifying session and I tried to pick up with the second rider (petrol). A couple of laps I stayed behind him but slowly I had to let him go. Then I came into an fight with in an another petrol rider. He tried to pass me in the Old Hairpin but went wide. I had a better exit and I passes him again on the exit.

A lap later he tried it again at the Esses and this time it worked. I tried to follow him but the power of my bike dropped a bit. Then after a couple of laps I saw that Nottingham had a technical problem and I took over the first position. I knew I had a big gap to Duffy, so I thought I have to finish this bike. Consistent but fast I drove to the finish. When I got the checkered flag I saw the team cheering and I passes the finish line third overall and first in the MotoE competition. A really big accomplishment because in seven month they built this bike with nothing and then come out with a win in the first race is extremely special.

Next to their first time is is also my first race in England, my first on an electric bike and also my first in Donington Park. So the first race couldn’t get any better.  The difference between racing petrol bikes and electric bikes is not so great.  The principle of racing bikes is actually the same but off course the engine behaviour is different but it is also less difficult and more peace full than racing petrol bikes.   I am currently first in the Dutch supersport championship, and have been racing for 9 years.  I have raced in Europe on the Honda NSF 100 before. So far I have really enjoyed racing electric and hope to continue with this in my future career.

I want to thank the team for their hard work for the last seven month to built a nice electric motorcycle but especially in the first practice after the big problems that we had. IQ Pack have ben a great help as well a Qing, University of Twente, Prodrive, Ten Kate Racing Products, and Dialog. Not only providing sponsorship but expertise and experience.


What a race!

Within the first few minutes Daley Mathison had kept his pole position and looked very comfortable heading up 32 bikes on the mixed grid in this afternoons first race of the MotoE electric season. Arguably the even greater fete was made by newcomer Thijs Peteers who moved up 10 places before the first corner taking a comfortable 3rd. Up till the penultimate lap looked like electric racing had come of age as these two competitors looked to finish in the top three.

Last but not least was Josh Williams on the Duffy Motorcyles stock Brammo entrant. While running in 3rd position out of the ebikes at practice and qualifying sessions, the combination of Josh’s riding skill and the reliability of the Duffy Motorsport machine made for a great race finish. While battling against 200bhp competition, their more modest 50bhp was used efficiently throughout the circuit.

Sadly on this occasion it was not supposed to be as 104, UoN phenomenal motorcycle suffered a sudden decrease in power which saw race leader Daley Mathison limp past the finish line one lap behind the rest of the field. Bitter disappointment for the team from Nottingham was countered with jubilation from the newest team to electric racing Twente from Holland. Their first ever electric race, First time in the UK, and First win. Not only taking the crown as bet in class but also retaining third overall. A phenomenal result and the best result for a newcomer in Electric racing history!

One thing for sure is tomorrow racing has got lot more interesting.

Final results

Num   Name                    Team              Time                  Gap                Best Lap

84     Thijs Peteers        Twente           11:20.075                               1:23.785

60      Josh Williams       Duffy              12.33.598     +1:13.523     1:30.189

104     Daley Mathison    UoN                10.57.014     +1lap             1:20.209


We regret to announce the cancellation of the Pembrey Round of MotoE.

The new opening round will now be on Saturday 11th till Sunday 12th August at Donington Park Circuit. We can’t wait to see you there.

2018; our 4th electric race season!

For followers who are new to electric racing,  MotoE Limited was formed in 2014,  we are an electric race organisation formed in consultation with and at the request of electric race teams who had been developing their innovative machines since 2009’s first electric GP; The TTXGP.

MotoE’s mission is to keep alive innovation and development of this technology for future generations.   Our aim is to always provide the opportunity to advance technology, providing an open platform for learning, developing, and improving both the technology as well as the engineers of the future.

MotoE 2018, will be 4th season of racing under the brand, the race schedule will be brought to you in partnership with two race clubs this season and the continued support of the IET.  Our founder as well as most of our technology advisory board has been involved with Electric two wheel racing since 2008.

NG Road Racing is one of the largest road racing clubs in the UK with over 600 competing members and MotoE will once again be a support class to three of their rounds.

NG have a wealth of experience with e-Bikes and our two organisations having hosted races with electric bikes from TTXGP and MotoE since 2010, they are a great club to work with and very helpful in terms of providing a lot of track time and experienced trackside personnel.

In addition we have a new partner this season. The OW Cup, organises races in Assen, Oschersleben, Dijon and Prenois and Zolder and has successfully been involved in road racing now for six year’s. Moto E is very pleased to have such a dynamic organisation to run with at the world class Assen TT Circuit.

The full schedule is as follows:-

Pembrey       Sat 7th July – Sunday 8th July

Donington Park       Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th August

Assen TT   Friday 31st August  – Saturday 1st – September

Oulton Park     Friday 5th – Saturday 6th October

Our partners, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET) is a multidisciplinary professional engineering institution who has been involved with the development of the electric rules widely adopted by the two wheel racing industry. They remain heavily involved with the MotoE Electric Road Race commission;  its from their membership that we draw our independent technology advisory board and rules guardians.

If you are a private team, manufacturer or technological institution/university who wish to partake in the series or want to learn more, please do get in touch or come meet us in the paddock at any of the above events.

Photo thanks to Kerry Rawson Photography
Nova Electric Racing, 2017 winners

Congratulations Nova Electric Racing


Nova Electric Racing Electric are Moto E  European champion 2017

The student team of the TU Delft has obtained the first place across three races this past weekend at World Class circuit of Donington Park Circuit securing themselves the coveted European Electric cup title .  The purpose designed and built electric racing motorcycle was build for this this unique competition and the hard work of the team was evident every round. The win was hard fought throughout the season, with many twists and turns.


The Team
A group of 14 students forms the team of Nova Electric Racing. Together, they have given everything last year to build a competitive motorcycle for racing in the Moto E Championship. From managing the team, to the design, building and racing of the motorcycle, everything needs to be perfect to obtain the first spot. The head quarter of the Dutch team are found in the D:DREAM hall of the TU Delft,  together with a few other student teams; here, they are lucky to be granted the space and freedom to build and design.  Their rider, and 2017 champion is Casper Voogt, is a former team member who, after his Nova-time, has set up the racing team “El Pollo Loco.” His racing experience has been invaluable in the development of the motorcycle every round;  enthusiastically helping the team with the setup of the motorcycle.  A good rider who know how to give feedback to the team is a great asset to any team developing a motorcycle from the ground up.

Although the electric motor is lighter than a classic internal combustion engine, the main challenge is the weight and placement of the battery pack. The in total 200kg weighing bike has a continuous power of 140kW (190hp) and a torque on the rear wheel of more than 500Nm. In racing conditions, it will hold up for around 40 kilometres, before running out of batteries. By designing the frame and swingarm ourselves, it was possible to efficiently create space for the battery pack and electronics. Next to this, the own-produced carbon fibre seat and fairings contribute to a lightweight bike.

Well done  on an amazing achievement!