Learn to win

Prof Pat Wheeler is a founding Member of the MotoE Technical Advisory Board (TAB). He has been with the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group at the University of Nottingham, UK for over 20 years. He is the past Director of the University of Nottingham Institute for Aerospace Technology; Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Director of the Clean Sky JTI EU funded projects at the University of Nottingham. Prof Pat Wheeler is a Fellow of the IET and a Senior Member of the IEEE. He has been a member of the Executive Council of the European Power Electronics Association (EPE) since 2008 and is a IEEE Power Electronics Society “Member at Large” and “Distinguished lecturer”. His research and teaching interests include power conversion for industrial, transport, aerospace and energy applications.


“MotoE provides an exciting technical challenge for any institution looking to provide a valuable learning opportunity to their students as well as promoting their University. From budgeting the project, marketing the opportunity to prospective sponsors, as well as designing and building a world class electric superbike, including all key components of the power train as well as rolling chassis, frame design and aerodynamics.

Joining the MotoE competition provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase a range of technical acumen and engineering skills as well as the real world project management skills students need to succeed upon graduation. Each team entering MotoE must complete a Technical Construction File as part of their entry to the series. This file covers the basics of the design to ensure key safety aspects are meet and all risks of the design are considered by the team during the design phase. All teams must also pass all parts of the technical scrutineering process (mechanical and electrical) before taking part in the competition.

Now in its third year, THE IET ACADEMIC PRIZE is awarded in addition to the actual race trophies and open purely to University entries. Every year two teams are awarded Prizes for “Innovation” and “Best in class” by the IET sponsored Technical Advisory Board. The bikes and teams are judged both off-track and on track, across the whole season. Judges look at development of the drive train from race to race, overall design, application of unique materials or design concepts, team work, partnership development and technology developed.

Since the start of MotoE, we have seen teams develop at a rapid pace with an outstandingly high level of passion and dedication to drive learning, the chance of winning races and improving your position is a great motivator for all concerned!”