Why engage with e-racing on two wheels?

Arguably motorsports on two wheels makes racing more exciting;  however, there are even more compelling reasons for you to get involved with MotoE:-

  • Motorsports on two wheels is not only more sustainable and efficient, but also more accessible for all participants.  The starting point is lower in terms of man-power, parts, spares, logistics, funding required etc… It does not take millions to incorporate technology, company philosophy and ideals into an interactive and accessible platform like MotoE in order to conquer the market of tomorrow.
  • A significant -advantage of races on two wheels is that fewer resources are needed to build, test, evaluate and further develop new technologies. Electric drive trains are based on essentially the same core technology, no matter how many wheels are to be driven.  Motorcycles, being smaller and lighter require less fuel onboard – batteries are the single most expensive element of most machines.
  • MotoE reaches a broad audience and proves what can be achieved with clean technology and ingenuity without having to forego action and excitement.   Motorcycles are easier to transport and showcase in building and smaller areas. Hence promotion of the technology can go beyond the race events into conferences, class rooms, office receptions,  shows and so much more.   The promotional possibilities of two wheels over four are significant.
  • MotoE can deliver your brand to the traditional race fan based on performance, speed and technology but adds a new, more tech savvy, early adopter demographic who cares about legacy, social responsibility and the environment. It provides a platform to ensure you, your students, your company are well placed for future growth economies.

eRacing with two wheels is more exciting, sustainable, affordable, accessible, and open.  Innovation is key and no limits are placed on its development.  Participants fast-track learning, acquiring skills, marketing their ideas.