Congratulations to Nova 2017 team


Whilst MotoE enjoyed the hospitality offered by our amazing hosts at the OW Cup during the TT circuit Assen round, we ran into old favourites and 2017 Championship winners Nova Electric.  Whilst this years team are still plagued by electrical problems that seem all to common an occurrence in the sport, last years team popped by to say hello and pick up their prestigious IET technical excellence Award.  Judged by the MotoE technical panel, the award given by the IET to the team it feels best reflects the ethos of the championship – driving innovation, providing learning and building team spirit.

 From Left to right, Floris Straver (Team Lead),Arjen Kremers! (Chief Electronics) and Casper Voogt (Pilot)

“We are so pleased that the hard work of Nova Electric Racing Team 08 (2017) resulted in the championship win, and now also is being awarded by the IET through the price for Technical Excellence. We’ve learnt so much throughout the season, every race weekend was unique and helped us gather valuable data. It was great for us as students to be part of such a new and exciting project, where we could put our engineering knowledge to practice and make great improvements in performance. We hope future teams can further build upon this and will book great results!”  Floris Straver

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