Introducing Thijs Peeters, #84 Electric Superbike Twente

My first electric race weekend is actually one to remember.

For the race I had a good start, better than everyone in front of me and I made my way up through the pack and went into the first corner in third.
The changes that we made to the suspension felt immediately better than in the qualifying session and I tried to pick up with the second rider (petrol). A couple of laps I stayed behind him but slowly I had to let him go. Then I came into an fight with in an another petrol rider. He tried to pass me in the Old Hairpin but went wide. I had a better exit and I passes him again on the exit.

A lap later he tried it again at the Esses and this time it worked. I tried to follow him but the power of my bike dropped a bit. Then after a couple of laps I saw that Nottingham had a technical problem and I took over the first position. I knew I had a big gap to Duffy, so I thought I have to finish this bike. Consistent but fast I drove to the finish. When I got the checkered flag I saw the team cheering and I passes the finish line third overall and first in the MotoE competition. A really big accomplishment because in seven month they built this bike with nothing and then come out with a win in the first race is extremely special.

Next to their first time is is also my first race in England, my first on an electric bike and also my first in Donington Park. So the first race couldn’t get any better.  The difference between racing petrol bikes and electric bikes is not so great.  The principle of racing bikes is actually the same but off course the engine behaviour is different but it is also less difficult and more peace full than racing petrol bikes.   I am currently first in the Dutch supersport championship, and have been racing for 9 years.  I have raced in Europe on the Honda NSF 100 before. So far I have really enjoyed racing electric and hope to continue with this in my future career.

I want to thank the team for their hard work for the last seven month to built a nice electric motorcycle but especially in the first practice after the big problems that we had. IQ Pack have ben a great help as well a Qing, University of Twente, Prodrive, Ten Kate Racing Products, and Dialog. Not only providing sponsorship but expertise and experience.


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