Congratulations Nova Electric Racing


Nova Electric Racing Electric are Moto E  European champion 2017

The student team of the TU Delft has obtained the first place across three races this past weekend at World Class circuit of Donington Park Circuit securing themselves the coveted European Electric cup title .  The purpose designed and built electric racing motorcycle was build for this this unique competition and the hard work of the team was evident every round. The win was hard fought throughout the season, with many twists and turns.


The Team
A group of 14 students forms the team of Nova Electric Racing. Together, they have given everything last year to build a competitive motorcycle for racing in the Moto E Championship. From managing the team, to the design, building and racing of the motorcycle, everything needs to be perfect to obtain the first spot. The head quarter of the Dutch team are found in the D:DREAM hall of the TU Delft,  together with a few other student teams; here, they are lucky to be granted the space and freedom to build and design.  Their rider, and 2017 champion is Casper Voogt, is a former team member who, after his Nova-time, has set up the racing team “El Pollo Loco.” His racing experience has been invaluable in the development of the motorcycle every round;  enthusiastically helping the team with the setup of the motorcycle.  A good rider who know how to give feedback to the team is a great asset to any team developing a motorcycle from the ground up.

Although the electric motor is lighter than a classic internal combustion engine, the main challenge is the weight and placement of the battery pack. The in total 200kg weighing bike has a continuous power of 140kW (190hp) and a torque on the rear wheel of more than 500Nm. In racing conditions, it will hold up for around 40 kilometres, before running out of batteries. By designing the frame and swingarm ourselves, it was possible to efficiently create space for the battery pack and electronics. Next to this, the own-produced carbon fibre seat and fairings contribute to a lightweight bike.

Well done  on an amazing achievement!

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