RACE DAY – Race One:

After a wet to mixed start to the weekend and lots of tuning and setting adjustments, Sunday brought with it beautiful sunshine and dry conditions.   Both teams were in good spirits for this first race of the season. The competition this year has been thrown wide open with favourites UoN dropping out of this opening round only a few days prior citing technical issues upon their return from the Pikes Peak challenge in the USA.   With everything to play for the teams were focused on not only racing each other but seeing how well they could do against the Gas Guzzlers who races in the Desmo Due Class this weekend with NG Racing.

The Nova Racing team from TU Delft in the Netherlands certainly looked like they meant business.  Both teams this year were utilising a very similar drive train with an Emrax motor and Unitek controller, however Delft had gone one stage further totally changing the housing of their controller to give them better packaging options and a significant weight saving.

Floris Straver, team manager of Nova Electric racing comments,  “We set our goal for this weekend to use the track time for some more testing of our bike, but we got so much more!

This first race weekend we, together with Bath Zero Emission Motorcycle team, were given the exciting chance to compete against petrol bikes in the Desmo Due / Racing Formula 400 class of the race weekend at Anglesey Circuit.

The first free practice on Friday did not go as planned, since there was a small problem with the relay box. Luckily, we managed to fix this with what was available, but didn’t get to participate in the practice.   A few more testing rounds on Saturday went very well, and we managed to improve the power output of the bike.

Sunday started off early with the final practice followed shortly with the first race, where we got the first points of the competition: our rider Casper Voogt managed to obtain the first place! ”

The team certainly had to be a lot to be proud of.  All the electric teams started from the back of the grid as complete unknowns this race weekend, the total number of bikes taking place was 32.   This was only #85 Casper Voogt second day at Anglesey circuit, so even though still learning the very technical track he achieved a 24th place over all, even though he had to restart the bike during the race losing a couple of positions.

The same success was not shared by a very frustrated University of Bath team scoring a DNF in this their first race.

We caught up with the  team’s  electrical lead Joe Lawrie after the race “Bath University had an eventful weekend at the first round of the MotoE competition in Anglesey. After some promising tests at Castle Combe circuit since completing the TTZero race for the first time, the team were excited to see what Apollo could do against other electric bike competition on track.”

Saturday’s practices saw the teams bike, Apollo complete a good run of laps [they did 12 laps in practice with over 60%of the battery left by the evening proving that battery capacity was not going to be an issue for them]

However feedback from the team’s rider revealed a cooling system issue causing the motor repeatedly cut out during the second half of the qualifying session. The team worked hard overnight whilst charging Apollo to be ready for racing on Sunday. Fixing one problem but experiencing another when they least wanted to.

Just before leaving the pits for race one, a high voltage relay failure meant that Bath did not finish in race one.

The time between races would be critical for the team, with only three hour to find and solve the problem before the afternoons race.

Going into the afternoon, Nova have the lead in the championship.

Winners statistics

Casper Voogt  #85  Nova Electric Race Team  

best lap:  1:23659

time:  8:43.820  (6 laps)

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