Race 2, Round 1

The second race of the day was a tense start with both teams praying for the electric gremlins to stay away.  Bath has been furiously working away throughout the break making sure they fixed what was broken turned up the power a little and ensure the bikes were in perfect working order…

Joe Lawrie “Quick work in the pits to replace the faulty component got Apollo onto the start line in time for race two giving Matt Rees a chance to show the competition what Apollo was capable of.”

Matthew Rees #25 taking in the view (photo by Kerry Rawson)

And do that, they did!  The teams hard work and graft payed off as Rees had a flying start to the afternoons race and  the two ebikes not only overtook a few of their petrol powered contemporaries  but actually looked to do a real battle with each other for the top step of the podium.

“The second race of the day started perfectly, with a fresh rear tyre, having practiced our pit/race procedures quite a few times already. We were excited to see the bike from the team of Bath University and ours going head to head across the straight, having overtaken a few petrol bikes already in the process.

Sadly, in the second lap, our bike shut itself down due to an error. At this point, it wasn’t possible to restart the bike, also because of the location it broke down: a blind corner over a hill made it too dangerous to continue from there. Right now, we will examine the cause of the problem back in our workshop in Delft. With all of the valuable data obtained from this weekend, we have a good list of improvements for the bike for the next race in 3 weeks”  Floris Straver, Nova Electric Racing

#25 Matthew Rees said “ it was an important test of bike for me and I have to be honest and say I was glad to be able to gain confidence with Apollo;  I am really delighted that the bike had been able to be put to the test on track in race conditions, it was 200% better than when I last tested it for the team and it was very enjoyable to race it today.  I would like to thank the team, as they worked hard to get the bike working with all the snags they’ve been experiencing, but as always one thing I would request is MORE POWER!

I was really pleased I managed to bring home a win for the team, they have worked so hard for me on the bike, hopefully will get even more out of the bike in the coming races”

With the second race proceeding without a hitch and Rees storming the track with a fastest lap speed of 1m22s,  The team will return to Bath to fully diagnose the technical issues from the weekend and put in place repairs ahead of the next round of MotoE competition. The team hope to be able to repeat the success of the weekend and put their rider onto the podium in both races”

Next Race in three weeks time!

Winners Statistics

Matther Rees  #25  University of Bath Race Team  

best lap:  1:22.643

time:  11:15.953   (8 laps)


CLICK HERE for more photos from the weekend:-


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