Anglesey, Day One.

Forever doing what we can to make the sport accessible yet challenging and interesting this weekend will see mixed grids at NG Racing’s weekend in Anglesey.   This means there are a lot more bikes to get to race against and a lot more track time for the electric entrants to work on developing their bikes and powertrains.

The first day didn’t disappoint with both Delft and Bath showcasing machines that, from the outside at least appeared vastly superior to last seasons offering.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes with electric racing, and building and refining bikes takes a huge amount of dedication with often very little financial support.

Weight distribution improvements in the electric powertrain of Apollo, University of Bath’s machine, has greatly improved the bikes performance.  The handling of the bike makes a huge difference to the confidence of the rider as well as reduced  lap times.

“The bike, this years compared to last, handles like a dream. You can tell that the team have spent a lot of time and effort on the mechanical side of the bike with new fairings is just for starters.  We’ve done quite a bit of testing over the period leading up to the race; and I’ve really enjoying getting to understand the bike better to achieve the best out of it. Unfortunately, today the bike kept cutting out all the way round the circuit so lost a lot of time constantly resetting it.  This is the first time we have experienced this fault as it hasn’t show up previously, but the team think they know what’ s causing it so will hopefully have it sorted out before the races tomorrow” Mathew Rees, #25 University of Bath.

Nova Electric Racing from TU Delft in The Netherlands have produced a slick looking bike from the ground up for this season.  The drive train is essentially the same but major modifications have taken place with the low voltage system.

“this is the first time we have ridden the bike in a race weekend and the first time I personally have ever been to Anglesey. Given these two things I am very happy with the way the bike is performing.   We are turning up the power slowly so we find the limits without damaging the bike which is very important for us. The bike is so much improved compared to last year but one thing I already know will change from this round to the next is the fairings, at the moment I can’t lean properly as the fairings are touching the ground which isn’t ideal but an easy problem to solve once we get back to the workshop.” Casper Voogt #85

Nova Racing Team preparing for first practice Saturday Morning

More news from the race day tomorrow.

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