Anglesey here we come

MotoE Season opener takes place with the fabulous NG Racing club at Anglesey Circuit this coming weekend. More than ever, the series is developing into a hotbed of future engineering talent with Universities across Europe taking centre stage to battle for electric motorcycle supremacy


Our returning champions, University of Nottingham (UoN) not only walked away with the series trophy last season but also took home the Institution of Engineering and Technology The IET) Award for Innovation. The team had consistently improved lap times across every round in the season, taking track records with them at every race. They consistently pushed their bikes to eek out gains where ever possible. Unlike many other teams, UoN had employed their own software on the control system. The only team to do so last season. They were so good they not only beat every other academic team but also all the pro’s out there as well, Team Manager Miquel Gimeno-Fabra said,  “We are delighted to take part in MotoE again, we are now the team to beat and hope that our rivals push us to make our bikes faster than ever. Straight from the Isle of Man and Pikes peak, the team have had a very busy start to the year.  Having Antonio join Daley as our two racers is going to be great for the entire MotoE season, we are looking forward to seeing what we can do to improve on our lap times this year.   ”


Crowd favourite, University of Bath will also be back on the starting grid.  “Going into 2017 our bike, Apollo, has a completely new chassis and a completely new look. This seasons “electric Ducati” has been designed with a modified 916 trellis frame to better fit our battery packs, which has all been down to the help and sponsorship of Rich at Louigi Moto to make our slimline bike. Owing to a small budget, the drive train has stayed very similar to 2016 with most of the changes going into the mechanical build, with some new bespoke carbon fibre fairings and upgraded suspension to show off. After some summer testing at our local racetrack, Castle Combe, we have adapted the setup to account for the change from road racing to track racing, and we are hoping the nimbleness of the Ducati will put is in a great position for the upcoming MotoE season. Although we may not be able to put down the same voltage as the other teams we are hoping our mechanical setup will let our rider show off Apollo’s real skills! Our rider, Matthew Rees, has been riding Bath Zeros bike for both years we have been running, and in his words we are “200% better” than last year, so hopefully we can bring home some trophies to prove it!


Giving them both a run for their money will be Nova Race team, ridden by Casper Voogt #85

Team manager, Floris Straver said “I don’t know exactly what our chances will be, especially against teams competing longer and also in other competitions. But we want to make it a good season for us this year, with some podium finishes if possible! We have improved quite a lot on last year’s bike, we have a completely new battery pack and self made bodywork with some nice aerodynamic features (side mounted radiators, a part to direct the airflow around the battery pack through the radiators). Next to that, the low voltage systems are improved as well, with an all new data acquisition system and dashboard.”

With more teams set to join them as the season progresses, there is bound to be a surprise or two in store for fans and tech heads alike.

University of Bath 2017 MotoE team



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